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Adoration and descent at ‘Downton Abbey’

I am a “Downton Abbey” adorer. And judging by my social-media feeds, its fan base has exploded since its recent second-season PBS premiere. Everyone, it seems, loves to follow the Edwardian-era lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants as they together inhabit a magnificent manor home.

So what is the allure of  “Downton,” anyway?

True confession: for me, the pretty clothes and...

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I once went on a private retreat with a spiritual director. My prayer was that he’d help me get back on track with Jesus. The schedule was simple: we would meet each morning for an hour. Then I’d spend the day contemplating the Scripture he’d assigned and keep a journal of my reflections.

At our first meeting he assigned a psalm. The day was beautiful, and I wandered the grounds, peacefully contemplating. The next day I expected to share my thoughts from the day before, but he just asked how my aloneness was going and assigned a new text. Every...

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Church Easter Planning

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: Easter has the opportunity to be one of the busiest times of the year for your church. There’s opportunity to reach new people and invigorate those who are already a part of your community. As you’re finishing your Easter planning, here are a few...


Liz Miserables

Liz is having a very bad, horrible week when he loses Grandpa’s antique coin, fails a surprise test, and gets a cold.

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Deserve Death, Receive Life

When looking at everything wrong in the world today, it might be easy to seek out an external culprit and blame Satan or a more generic evil and while that might be true, there are passages in Romans which suggest the actual root of the problem is internal to each of us. So internal that the...

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Marveling at God’s World

I have always admired my Aunt's sense of adventure and her love of God’s world. As a child, I delighted in how she would come down to my kid-level to show me the uniqueness of a plant or examine the markings of a butterfly. When we went out adventuring, she poured out information on all the wonders of plants and wildlife. From my childhood, she helped me to marvel at the intricacies of God’s...

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Celebrating the Ministry of Radio Broadcasting

12.12.2014 Celebrating the Ministry of Radio Broadcasting

As Back to God Ministries International celebrates 75 years of telling God’s story this December, we remember the radio stations that have partnered with us over the decades to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

One of those partners is also celebrating a significant anniversary: This month,...

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A Spanish Version of Kids Corner Debuts!

11.21.2014 A Spanish Version of Kids Corner Debuts!

The Spanish team at Back to God Ministries International has been hard at work creating a new program for children in Latin America.

Las Aventuras de Elisardo (Elisardo’s Adventures) is based on the successful English Kids Corner, an audio program produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach...

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