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Beyoncé’s spiritual Formation

While I have always appreciated Beyoncé’s presence in the entertainment

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A New Pattern of Work: Who Is Boss?

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6:1-9

He who is both their Master and yours is in heaven.
Ephesians 6:9

Ephesians 6 shows us how we are called to work as though our labor is for Jesus himself. But there’s more. Many of us have people who are responsible to us: we may be district managers, business owners, stay-at-home parents, or teachers. How we use or abuse our power in our workplace says a great deal about how we grasp the gospel. Paul’s message to the Ephesians has significant implications for us today.

In a time when it was assumed that masters could treat their servants with indifference at best and cruelty at worst, the gospel of Jesus leveled the playing field. Under the care and authority of Jesus, master and servant stood on equal footing because both were in fact fellow servants of Jesus Christ.

Today, Christian employers are called to treat their workers with dignity and kindness. This principle applies whether we have two people working for us—or two thousand. If we have to discipline an employee, we will do so with a gentle spirit. Or if we have a say in who is promoted and who is not, we will do all we can to be fair.

Knowing that we ultimately report to a greater boss, let’s do all we can to manage our em­ployees as though we are serving Jesus himself.

Lord and Master, in our places of work or service, teach us to lead and manage as though we are serving you. Keep us from using our positions for selfish gain, and show us how to lead to the glory of God. In your name, Amen.

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Top Posts of 2015

It’s the time of year when we take all of the Church Juice blog posts, line them up and host our annual popularity contest. While we’re proud parents of each article we write, here are the five you liked the most in 2015.


5. Welcoming Visitors During a Church Service

We kick off our 2015 list...


In the Beginning …God (Part2)

For Chamy, Spike and the gang, the science fair day will be a day full of wonder! With a surprise guest, enlightening displays, and a big surprise pop for everyone, the day is not what they expected. But the biggest surprise comes at the end of the episode for Chamy!

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Worship: What It Is and Why We Do It

There's more to worship than showing up at a service once a week. Did you see or hear anything beautiful lately? If so, how did you respond? Maybe you heard a stunning violin solo that brought you to your feet as you applauded enthusiastically and shouted “Bravo!” Maybe you saw a glorious sunset...

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Advent Hope

Sitting around the table, our family was quiet. My oldest son rose with match in hand and leaned in to light a purple candle. With this simple action, Advent began.

“The prophecy candle,” he said. “We have hope.”

In the midst of so much holiday chaos, we sat motionless, together, staring at the tiny flame rising up from our our homemade Advent wreath. Even our youngest did not move. And, in the...

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Church Juice Celebrates Five Years of The Juicys with Five Awards

12.11.2015 Church Juice Celebrates Five Years of The Juicys with Five Awards

Church Juice is celebrating five years of rewarding communications awesomeness with five Juicys Awards.

As a project of ReFrame Media, Church Juice, believes it’s time for churches to be intentional about how they communicate with their community. Whether it’s website development, social media...

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Advent Is a Time to Wait in Expectation

11.19.2015 Advent Is a Time to Wait in Expectation

The Christmas season just gets busier every year. Decorating, shopping, cooking, wrapping, visiting, giving, and receiving often pressure us to create moments that are meant to be perfect. They also overshadow the fact that Jesus Christ is the true focus of Christmas. The busyness can place way...

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