We exist to make disciples of Christ

As image bearers of God, commissioned by Christ and empowered by his Spirit, we as ReFrame Media use mass media to invite you, through his gospel, to encounter, know, and follow Christ Jesus as a disciple, as fellow followers with us.

We invite you into God’s story

God restores all he creates, and he redeems all he calls. From our Reformed tradition, we produce a family of resources that invite people like you, online and on the air, to see your whole life reframed by God’s gospel story. God reshapes and restores everything in your life according to his plan—that you might flourish, becoming more like Christ, and reflecting God’s glory in all you do.

We help you grow through media and relationship

One program cannot serve everyone. So, we offer several diverse media experiences on a range of topics to help you grow spiritually and find encouragement wherever you are in life.

We create a family of related programs because you have more than one interest, and yours are unique and different from the discipleship needs of your friends and family. We’re here to walk with you and your loved ones.

We encourage you through relationship

We invite you into an enduring and deepening relationship as we walk together as followers of Christ Jesus in his gospel. With our media resources just a tap away, we’re also here to connect with you personally through social media and our prayer ministry.

We’re here for you at every point in your faith journey to help you reframe your whole life with God’s story.