As the English language ministry of Back to God Ministries International, ReFrame Media has nine sister-language ministries, indigenous teams, that together produce Christian media resources that reach millions of people in 189 countries.


Since the 1950s, we have broadcast the gospel in the Arabic language, reaching the Middle East with the good news of Jesus. First in radio, then in all types of media including the Internet, we’ve helped thousands explore their faith and the scriptures in their daily lives.


Today, nearly all Chinese millennials actively use mobile devices. To reach them as easily and effectively as possible, our Chinese ministry, Be Thou My Rhythm, led by Pastor Jerry An, focuses on utilizing mobile devices and social platforms to distribute discipleship resources to Chinese-speaking audiences. Collaborating with more than 80 ministry partners, the Chinese ministry integrates biblical content to interpret the current issues and events of the day from a Christian perspective.


With inflation and economic conditions posing challenges to sharing the Gospel on the radio, BTGMI’s French ministry team is increasingly using social media and mobile devices to proclaim the Good News to French-speaking people in Africa, Haiti, and beyond. Perspective Réformées (Reformed Perspectives) reaches audiences seeking truth and serves believers who want to be led in the Christian faith. Choosing Good Leaders is a radio Bible study series used in local churches.


The Indian subcontinent, where an astonishing 97% of the population hasn’t yet heard the Gospel, is one of the largest mission fields in the world. The Hindi language ministry, led by Dr. A.K. Lama, in partnership with Good Books Educational Trust and Words of Hope, uses a variety of media to proclaim the whole story of God’s redemption through Christ Jesus. New believers in Christ find discipleship opportunities from listener groups fostered by Hindi ministry teams.


More than 80% of the population of Indonesia adheres to the Muslim faith. Only 15% identify themselves as Christians. Animism strongly influences the religious practices of tribal people, whether Muslim or Christian. Lead by Rev. Lukas Banne, our Indonesian ministry team uses radio, television, print, web, mobile apps, and leadership training to share the truth and hope of the Gospel.


In a technologically advanced culture saturated with Buddhist and Shinto practices, less than 2% of the Japanese population openly professes Christianity. Using talk, drama, and music audio programs; Bible studies; daily devotionals; leadership training; and video, the Japanese ministry, directed by Rev. Masoa Yamashita, offers encouragement and discipleship opportunities for people wanting to know about God and his word.


The Portuguese language outreach of Back to God Ministries International, Luz Para o Caminho (Light for the Way), led by Rev. Hernandes Lopes, reaches 14 countries in South America and Africa. Brazil, where this ministry is based, is a melting pot of immigrant ethnicities. Poverty affects tens of millions of families. In this setting, the Portuguese ministry focuses on evangelism and discipleship, using television, radio, web, social media, mobile, and print, to point people to Christ and connect them to biblically-sound churches.


Thirty-five years ago, when Back to God Ministries International began radio outreach in the Russian language, the evangelical Christian church was largely underground. Today, Christians in these Soviet regions still face significant challenges. The Russian ministry team, under Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, is taking on these challenges by utilizing nearly a dozen radio and Internet audio programs, TV, text messaging, and print resources to invite people into a dialogue of faith and life.


The Back to God Ministries International Spanish ministry, Ministerio Reforma (Reformed Ministries), directed by Rev. Guillermo Serrano, brings the Gospel to the people of Latin America and Spanish speakers around the world. In areas with long-held religious traditions, the ministry brings a fresh and biblical conversation that is touching hearts and lives. Through radio, television, video, web, daily devotions, and social media, Ministerio Reforma reaches audiences of all ages with the Good News.