A New Leader with a New Career at Kids Corner

January 31, 2014 • by Chris Hunt • posted in Kids Corner

A New Leader with a New Career at Kids Corner

Ron VandenBurg has some big shoes to fill, but he says he has the feet (figuratively speaking) to fill them.

Ron joined the ReFrame Media team just after the New Year as Senior Producer of Children’s Ministry, taking over the reins of Kids Corner.

For those who aren’t familiar with Kids Corner, it’s a weekly audio adventure for six- to twelve-year olds. Kids love Lizarardo and his reptilian friends from Reptarium Middle School because in the quest for fun, Liz and his pals often get themselves into…little fixes. But as they find answers to the challenges and drama of childhood in the Bible, listeners learn what it means to be a life-long follower of Jesus.

Ron brings with him 27 years teaching experience, proven expertise in curriculum development and children’s spiritual formation, and a prior relationship with Kids Corner. Since 2007, Kids Corner has aired a number of stories written by Ron VandenBurg.

Ron shares, “ReFrame gives me the opportunity to use my storytelling gifts, my love of theater, and my production skills to create fun, wacky stories that help children learn important faith formative lessons.”

Ron affirms the ministry’s mission and strengths, and ignites a fresh commitment to innovation. Kids Corner will continue to tell great stories in fun, accessible ways. As more and more audio programs are enjoyed on-line, Kids Corner is no exception. Attracting new listeners to the website is a key challenge. Soon, weekly email alerts will invite listeners back to check out new recordings. Mobile apps will offer new channels for delivering audio content. “Families need to have easy, mobile ways to access these stories,” notes Ron, “so that kids can listen during playtime or family time, during car rides or before they go to sleep.”

So, have you checked out any of ReFrame Media’s discipleship resources for you and the children in your life? Why not start with Kids Corner, a vital component to encourage children and their parents in faith formation!