Announcing: The Juicys Winners

November 14, 2014 • by Nancy Vander Meer • posted in ChurchJuice

Announcing: The Juicys Winners

Church Juice just revealed the four churches who received the 2014 Juicys grants. This year, both first place awards go to churches in Texas: Harris Creek Baptist Church in McGregor, TX (large church winner) and Resurrection Houston (small church winner).

Knox-Met United Church in Regina, Saskatchewan received the small church runner-up award and Broadway Church in Vancouver, British Columbia the large church runner-up award.   

The Juicys are a way to recognize and reward those churches who’ve worked to improve their church communications during the last year,” explains Church Juice senior producer Jerod Clark. “It includes giving these congregations a grant to jump start their next project.”

Church Juice is a free resource from ReFrame Media energized to help churches communicate better.

For Harris Creek, multimedia experiences aren’t just around because they’re trendy. They are a vital way to reach their congregation through a medium they understand. They reimagined what an annual report could be in helping the congregation of 900 see the true work being done. The church launched an interactive website with videos, images and easy to read stats that showed the impact the church had over the last year.

Overall, the Juicys judges were impressed with how engaging the site was and how it could also serve as a way to easily show a new person how the church was moving in their community.

One judge commented, “Instead of something that gets shuffled away in your pile of unread mail, Harris Creek made their annual report an entertaining and engaging experience. This project is a great example of communicating important information in a fresh way.”

The Juicys award in the smaller church category went to Resurrection Houston. “If you look at the communications work the church is doing, you’d probably never guess it’s a church of 100 people,” observed Clark. “The growing urban church plant was intentional about creating a look and feel that not only represented who they are, but also made them ready to relevantly connect with their community.”

Now, with a $2000 Juicys grant, Resurrection is ready to build on their communications success.

“The next big idea is to empower our missional communities to reclaim discipleship in the hands of ordinary people in the hands of an extraordinary God,” explains Resurrection’s creative director David Dawkins. “This will be done through a series of photo essays, mini docs, and audio recordings done in the heart-language of the people, managed primarily through a monthly publication called ‘Welcome to Resurrection Houston.’”

If your church missed out on the opportunity to improve its media ministry, start planning now for next year’s Juicys! “Show us the cool projects you’ve done and we’ll fund your next big idea,” says Clark.