Celebrating a New Website for the Today Daily Devotional!

May 27, 2015 • by Chris Hunt • posted in Today

Celebrating a New Website for the Today Daily Devotional!

In January 2015 we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Today Daily Devotional.

In May 2015 the celebration continues with a brand new website! “Our mission,” says Steven Koster, Director of ReFrame Media and executive editor for Today, “is for media users to see their lives reframed in the light of the Gospel. That’s why they read Today and that’s the experience the website is designed to facilitate.”

Nowadays, we print just about 200,000 Today booklets each quarter—the daily email, social media, the mobile app, and of course, the website, allow us to reach hundreds of thousands of additional readers! The website, designed for user experience, mobile responsive, and superbly sharable, plays a key role in providing a place for believers to refresh, refocus, and renew in God’s Word.

So hop over and check out the new site, starting with “8 Great Features of the New Today Devotional Website.” Would you like to get the Today Daily Devotional in your inbox each morning? Read through “8 Great Features,” and subscribe!