Fifteen-Year-Old Kacie Completes Kids Corner Bible Study Correspondence Course

June 2, 2014 • by Nancy Vander Meer • posted in Kids Corner

Fifteen-Year-Old Kacie Completes Kids Corner Bible Study Correspondence Course

Fifteen-year-old Kacie grew up in a Christian family who loves to travel and experience different cultures. But it wasn’t until a year ago that she publicly committed her life to the Lord, and looked for ways to grow in faith. Kacie celebrated the one-year anniversary of her commitment to Christ by completing the Kids Corner Bible study correspondence course.

Kacie shared some of her life journey that led to her commitment to Christ.

Living in a remote jungle village of Bolivia has been one of the most interesting experiences of Kacie’s life. When she was 12 her family travelled for 100 days, driving 8,000 miles through 11 countries to experience different cultures, languages, and cities along the way.

“I really wanted to go on this trip,” says Kacie. “It sounded like such a wonderful adventure.”

The family’s journey included traveling through Mexican villages, crossing a dangerous ocean bay in a small sailboat, and driving over a narrow mountain “death road” to arrive in the jungle village where they spent the next year.

Kacie’s family loved the slow-paced lifestyle and stayed in Bolivia for a year. They later moved to a woodsy homestead in northern Michigan. Here Kacie discovered Kids Corner through—a partner of ReFrame Media.  

Kacie was especially excited to discover the Kids Corner Bible study correspondence course. “I love to study God’s Word, and the Bible study gives interesting questions and themes,” she says. “The course helped me search in His Word to learn and grow closer to God.”

Kacie added, “I appreciated that Kids Corner was so faithful to send me these studies. Since we don’t have a church right now, they really filled a void and gave me a goal and direction to study my Bible.”

This helped Kacie make a public commitment to the Lord. “I have always loved the Lord, and I felt like He wanted me to take the step of outwardly acknowledging I am His follower.”

Kacie’s mom describes her as “the cheeriest person in our home” and adds, “She is very sensitive to issues of the heart, like being in communion with God.”

Kacie went through a “dry spell” in her faith, but because she followed her parent’s advice to stay in the Word, she says she was able to stay in relationship with God. That’s a major goal of the Kids Corner ministry: to ignite children’s interest in the Bible, and disciple them as life-long followers of Jesus.

Kacie also wants to share her faith with others. She loves to snow ski, so when she is out on the hills with friends, she says, “I try to be a testimony for Jesus by my conduct and conversation. And I recently decided to put Bible verse stickers on my helmet as a way to visibly share my faith in God.”

If you are looking for discipleship tools to help the youth in your life grow in faith, check out the newly updated Kids Corner website with resources for parents and children of many ages.