Gang Leader Finds Christ in Prison with Help from Today

March 20, 2014 • by Nancy Vander Meer • posted in Today

Gang Leader Finds Christ in Prison with Help from Today

Cedric hit bottom. Although he grew up in the church, he found himself sitting in a prison cell, paying for his time as a violent gang leader. “I was raised in the church,” writes Cedric, “but the lure of the streets pulled me into gangs and prison.”

“But then I gave my life to Christ.” Cedric found hope when God reached him through a small booklet, the Today Devotional.

The words in the Today got Cedric’s attention. The gospel of Christ turned Cedric’s life around completely, amazing everyone around him. Cedric prayed for forgiveness and made a new commitment. “I gave up my life to Christ!” Cedric proclaims.

When inmates dedicate their lives to the Lord, they end up finding new purpose. “I am paying for my mistakes, but since I’ve been here God has become the head of my life and I couldn’t be happier,” Cedric said. “I use your devotional to help me with my studies and for inspiration.”

Now Cedric is out of prison, but before he left he shared his new mission­—spreading God’s love.  “I pray that I will be used to lead others to Christ.”

Along with inmates, many prison chaplains also request copies of the Today and use the devotionals to disciple inmates. One chaplain even asked us to double the number of Today booklets we send him to use in his prison ministry. 

At ReFrame Media, we are thankful how God uses the Today to make a difference for someone, whether in prison, in church, or at the kitchen table. To get the Today in your inbox at, or visit to subscribe in print.