Kids Corner is Getting a Makeover

February 16, 2017 • by Justin Sterenberg • posted in Kids Corner

Kids Corner is Getting a Makeover

Kids Corner is getting a new look for 2017 and we can’t wait to share it with you! This has been an exciting project for ReFrame Media as we aim to bring the look of Kids Corner into a new era. The Kids Corner website was last updated in 2014, so it was time for a full makeover. The new website won't be finished for a few months, but we wanted to give you a peek at our new logo and tell you a little about what's to come. We’ve worked hard on this project and we hope you will enjoy it.

We kicked off the makeover with a brainstorm session and decided we really wanted to use vibrant colors, deeper textures, and create more compelling supplemental visual elements. Our biggest addition is the new compass icon. Even though kids don’t use compasses anymore, we agreed that it is still a recognized symbol of adventure, which is the feeling we want to convey to our audience. This project also involved creating a new logo, one that would help expand the scope of Kids Corner beyond the escapades of Liz and his pals to encompass Kids Corner’s Bible Stories feature.

To design the new logo we partnered with Brittany Wong, a graphic artist at Five Q, an interactive web development and marketing agency. She brought an excitement and passion to the project that resulted in an updated and fresh new logo! Along the way, we tested various iterations of the logo with real kids. The in-person feedback from kids surprised us and reminded us again and again that kids are connoisseurs in their own right . We’re competing for their attention among loads of other popular kids’ programs, like Adventures in Odyssey and VeggieTales, to say nothing of Disney or Nickelodeon. This is one of the big reasons why our new branding is so important. We want to immediately stand out as a fun and safe kids program. We expect the new logo to help us accomplish that.

We also overhauled the layout. The result is a web experience that is both familiar and distinct, allowing for so much more than just listening to a podcast. We significantly reduced the amount of text and used more images to be visually engaging for kids. We intentionally infused the website with an intuitive, Netflix-style organization. Because most kids already know how to work Netflix on a tablet, they will now be more at home on the new Kids Corner website. Yet, the experience will still be distinct from many other Christian kids’ media websites because Kids Corner content is totally free and can be accessed immediately.

We are really looking forward to launching this new website. It’s the starting point for a whole new era for Kids Corner. As always, we will continue to optimize the website in the coming months and years, based on invaluable feedback from the users that we serve. We love the new Kids Corner look, and we hope you will too! There are 12 new episodes of Kids Corner coming in 2017, so be sure to check back and explore the new and improved Kids Corner!