National Religious Broadcasters Honors Back to God Ministries Int'l for 75 Years of Media Ministry

March 6, 2015 • by Chris Hunt • posted in ReFrame Media

National Religious Broadcasters Honors Back to God Ministries Int'l for 75 Years of Media Ministry

We're proud to announce that the National Religious Broadcasters honored our parent ministry, Back to God Ministries International, at its annual convention with the NRB Milestone Award recognizing 75 Years of ministry proclaiming the gospel and strengthening the church. NRB presents awards to individuals, businesses, and ministries that served God’s kingdom through media for more than 50 years.

Congratulations also to our sister ministry, Ministerio Reforma, the Spanish ministry of BTGMI, for receiving its own Milestone Award for 50 years of ministry to Spanish-speakers worldwide.

Since Back to God Ministries started 75 years ago, our mission has been to proclaim the Gospel, to disciple those who want to follow Jesus, and to strengthen the church.

As the English language ministry of BTGMI, ReFrame Media is actually the oldest part of the ministry.  Our ministry started as a single broadcast from Chicago, IL in 1939 called The Back to God Hour. As the evangelical potential of radio quickly became clearer, that single outreach grew into a multimedia, multi-language international ministry, aimed at reaching people at various stages of faith, helping them recognize Jesus as Lord and Savior. Today we produce programming in ten major world languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Seventy-five years have seen countless changes in how we proclaim the Word of God around the world. The Gospel, of course, remains unchanged, but the media tools we use to share it have changed significantly. We now reach people in many more ways, and we can reach them in even the most remote and closed places in the world.

What started as radio outreach, developed into print, television, internet, social media, and smart phone—using every kind of media, enabling us to reach millions of people. As we look back over 75 years, we are grateful for God’s faithfulness. He has given us so many opportunities to share God’s love and to see people come to faith in Christ.

As we look forward in ministry, we don’t know what advancements lay ahead in media. But we do know this: we want to be there for people, and to be able to meet them, old or young, close to God or just beginning to seek answers to life, wherever they might be. The Gospel is unchanging, but we’re committed to using current media, in whatever modes that may develop, to proclaim that Jesus is Lord, to encourage disciples to grow, and to strengthen God’s church.