Saying Goodbye to Bob Heerspink

October 1, 2011 • by Steven Koster • posted in ReFrame Media

Saying Goodbye to Bob Heerspink


On Saturday, October 1, 2011, our colleague, mentor, and friend, Bob Heerspink, passed away after a three month struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Bob served as the director of Back to God Ministries International, the 10-language media ministry of which ReFrame Media is the English-language ministry. Bob not only led this world-wide ministry, he also served as the Editor of our Today Daily Devotional and co-host of our syndicated radio program Groundwork. He was formerly a host of the Back to God Hour radio program.

He is survived by his wife Edie and children, Eric & Katie, Joel, and Amy Heerspink.

Bob will be sorely missed by his family, his parishioners, the staff of Back to God and ReFrame Media, and his many colleagues and friends. Please remember the family in your prayers. Please also pray that the Back to God Ministries International and ReFrame Media staff may continue in the work that he so tirelessly carried out with us for the last six years.

—Steven Koster, director of ReFrame Media