Kid's Corner Goes to School

April 3, 2012 • by Courtney Jacobs • posted in Kids Corner, posted in ReFrame Media

Kid's Corner Goes to School

On March 2, Kid’s Corner visited Concordia Grade School to give students a look behind the scenes at creating radio. Every year students and teachers at Concordia Grade School in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, take a break from class as usual to be creative and learn from parents and other local community members who come to share their hobbies and interests. 

This year 7 students from 2nd grade to 6th grade joined Kid’s Corner and ReFrame staffer Courtney Jacob to discover what it takes to create a radio drama. “I picked this class because I was curious about how things are done on radio,” said Genevieve, a 3rd grader, “and I thought it would be fun.”

The group studied a script, watched a video of the actors in the studio, and learned about sound effects, foley, ambience, and music – all the pieces that bring a scene in Kid’s Corner to life. “We took a clip from a Kid’s Corner episode where Liz and Spike are playing basketball. We broke it apart then added pieces back in – first just the voices, then the sound of the basketball, then the sound of being outdoors and so on. We used Adobe Audition to show the kids the audio wave forms on the screen,” said Courtney. “I think that got them excited – being able to visually see what they heard and how moving a clip earlier or later changed how real it sounded.”

Then the students spent most of their time trying it out for themselves. They chose the Bible story about Moses at the Red Sea since they had recently studied it and thought it had good action for a radio drama. “It was fun to watch the students engage in the class,” observed Courtney. “They really worked together to decide what to say, create the sound of horses and water from scratch, and pick music. Their participation was great and I was surprised at how particular they were. They had good ideas and knew exactly how they wanted it to sound.”

By the end of the session, the Concordia students had created their own 30 second radio drama. Genevieve spoke enthusiastically as she reflected on her experience. “I really enjoyed it. The best part was that we got to make our own CD. I’ll probably do it again next year, if they offer it again.”