Liz and His Pals from Kids Corner Make Great Traveling Companions for a Missionary Family

October 1, 2014 • by Claudia Elzinga • posted in Kids Corner

Liz and His Pals from Kids Corner Make Great Traveling Companions for a Missionary Family

It isn’t often that a family of six can agree on something to listen to in the car. Something fun for the little ones, educational for pre-teens, and yet still entertaining for the parents… all with a Christian message. Is there such a thing?

Sheree Mann found the answer in a little lizard named Lizardo.

“We’ve been listening to Kids Corner for so long, I don’t even remember how we found you!” says Sheree. She and her husband are missionaries with CrossWay International. As a missionary family, the Manns spend a lot of time on the road, speaking at churches and conferences, and raising support for work they do internationally.

Kids Corner is produced by ReFrame Media. Each week on Kids Corner, Lizardo (Liz) and his friends go on new adventures, sometimes getting themselves into trouble.

“I download all the Kids Corner episodes beforehand,” explains Sheree. “We listen any time of day that we are traveling in our Suburban. Or sometimes while the kids eat lunch, we'll listen to the current episode on my computer.”

The stories entertain and help children make godly choices, trust God, and love and serve others.

“There is so little available for kids today that is of any worth,” says Sheree. “But with Kids Corner, I don't have to preview each episode in order to make sure it is acceptable—I can just let the kids listen and know that they will get sound doctrine and real life application packaged up neatly in a truly fun show.”

“My nine-year-old daughter has an iPod with a few episodes on it,” she continues. “Her favorite episodes are 'Tommy Two-toed' and the 'Disoriented Express.' She basically has them memorized.”

“My kids love it, and I enjoy it just as much as they do.”

Visit us at and hear what Liz and the gang are up to each week. The children in your life are sure to enjoy them too!


A new Kids Corner series starts October 20, and with each episode are a corresponding family discussion guide and a family devotional.

  • Oct. 20/27 In the Beginning and the science fair.
  • Nov. 1 Servants, knights, lords and ladies.
  • Nov. 8 How are people blessed?
  • Nov. 15 Old Time radio and super heroes.
  • Nov. 22 A wedding in Terrene?
  • Nov. 29 Are you too young to receive God's call?