Our Ministry Playbook, Part One

December 5, 2016 • by Chris Hunt • posted in ReFrame Media

Our Ministry Playbook, Part One

Our ReFrame Media team recently went through a process of articulating our big picture. Following Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage, we’ve worked up a strategic “playbook” which states our purpose, affirms our values, and sets our strategies. Our playbook is vital to focusing the ministry we do and that’s why we want to share a summary of it with you.

In this Part One, we’ll begin with the basics–our vision, mission, and core values.

Vision: Why does ReFrame Media exist?

The vision of ReFrame Media—the results we hope for—has always been: to form disciples of Jesus Christ through his gospel in the Reformed tradition, using mass media. As image bearers of God, commissioned by Christ and empowered by his Spirit, we exist to invite fellow English speakers to follow and grow in relationship with Jesus. This vision is our passion.

Mission: What does ReFrame do to pursue the vision?

At ReFrame, our mission—the work we do—is to produce connected media resources that invite a mass audience into the Gospel story. Toward that end, we offer a family of programs, available across diverse media platforms online, on the air, and in print. Each program has its own audience, yet each points to the others. All our programs are united by the same passion to help media users see God’s story in their daily lives.

A Today devotional reader, for example, can find daily refreshment in God's word and also experience meaningful encouragement as a spouse and parent through Family Fire. A young mom who finds parenting support through Family Fire can also discover fun and engaging biblical resources for her children over at Kids Corner. Groundwork listeners can dig deeply into biblical truths and also explore how God's sovereignty applies to all areas of life at Think Christian. And church leaders that receive communication tips from Church Juice can use content from all our programs to resource and serve their entire congregation.

No one program can serve everyone, yet we recognize that each person has more than one interest or need, and different people have different sets of interests. So, we strive to bring you multiple programs to meet many different interests and still serve any one user.

Core Values: How do we live out our mission?

As a ministry, we practice four Core Values that help us live out our mission. We are:

Positive – We invite people into God’s whole story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, and encourage each person to reflect anew on the impact of this story in their lives. Avoiding acrimonious argument or mere complaining, we call on believers to be a part of God’s redemptive process. We confront sin and injustice with confidence in the goodness of God and his creation.

Hospitable – We walk alongside our readers and users as we follow Christ together. We share the wisdom we’ve been given as companions along the way because we too are sinners forgiven by God’s grace. We make our resources easy to use, accessible, and responsive, actively cultivating conversation, inviting participation and prayer.

Scrappy – We maximize God’s gifts and provision to achieve excellence beyond the apparent limits of our resources. As a ministry we run lean; everything we do fulfills our strategic purpose. Continually striving for high standards and ministry impact, we use the most effective media platforms for our audience.

Unified – We minister to a single audience across our family of individual programs, working together to realize the larger, unified witness of ReFrame Media, Back to God Ministries International, the Christian Reformed Church, and the world-wide Church. Our programs helps media users apply the fullness of God’s Good News to their full lives over the entirety of their whole lives.  

For more than 75 years, ReFrame Media has proclaimed God’s good news. Methods have changed. Technologies have evolved. But our vision, however, remains the same: to make disciples of Christ Jesus using mass media. We invite you to let us help you see God’s magnificent story in your own life. Watch for Part Two of our ministry playbook and learn how we strategically apply our vision, mission, and values to build lifelong, discipling relationships.

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