ReFrame Launches Family Fire

July 15, 2011 • by Steven Koster • posted in FamilyFire

ReFrame Launches Family Fire

Do you have a perfect marriage? Have you struggled to discipline your children? Wondered where to draw the line with your in-laws? Every family faces these questions in some way. Throw in a marital separation or a blended family, and the issues are even more complicated.

This summer, ReFrame Media launched a project called Family Fire designed to wrestle with exactly these kinds of issues. Led by Steven & Deb Koster as fellow strugglers in the messiness of living as a family, our goal is to encourage families to see the Holy Spirit at work in their lives, “stoking the Spirit’s flame at home.”

And since Facebook is a popular and natural place for conversation and mutual encouragement, the primary format for Family Fire is a Facebook page and community, found at  We’ve also launched a website,, where encouragements, devotionals, articles, and book reviews are available on a range of family topics.

Already in our early months, Family Fire has attracted hundreds of fans as part of the community. One fan writes, “I love this page. Thanks for all you do! So glad I found it.” Another, seeking encouragement in tough times, writes, “Thank you for this great page. This ordeal I'm going through has inspired me….My son and I miss my wife so much and will continue to pray for return home.”

We’ve also asked for suggestions from fans—they asked us to cover topics including disciplining children, unequally yoked marriages, talking to kids about sexuality, living as a blended family. “It's very difficult, as a step mom, to know what to do in many situations.”

Please pray for Family Fire as it continues to launch, and please join us on Facebook!