ReFrame Relaunches Think Christian

January 24, 2012 • by Steven Koster • posted in ThinkChristian

ReFrame Relaunches Think Christian

Do you wish there was an online community where you could discuss faith, culture, and what it means to be a Christian in today’s society?

At we do just that. We talk about music, movies, politics, business, world events, the church, and more. Cultural discernment—reflecting on how faith impacts all areas of life—is a hallmark of our Reformed tradition. Bringing that integration of mind and heart to the wider Christian community is exactly what we’re after at Think Christian. It’s our goal to bring the kind of theological reflection we sometimes take for granted to culture that is desperate for a fresh and biblical understanding.

And this month we are launching a newly revised website that will make it even easier for you to find and join the conversations that most interest you. There’s so much content on display, we’re now calling it a collaborative digital magazine

The new menu bar at the top of each page lists the various topics we cover, such as Arts & Leisure, Business & Economics, News & Politics, Home & Family, Science & Technology, and Theology & the Church. See what’s new or dig deep into the topic that interests you.

And since Think Christian is designed to be collaborative, we’ve highlighted the comments people make as they discuss each topic. Those readers whose contributions are selected as a Top Comment will be eligible for a drawing to win a Think Christian t-shirt or other prizes.

More importantly, we need thoughtful readers and commenters. We need Reformed thinkers who can shed light on the issues of today and share opinions with the wider evangelical world and beyond. Would you be willing to offer your thoughts?

Just log in to and join the conversation. Add your voice to the relevant discussions and witness to the world around you!