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My wife, Pam, has an incredible gift of hospitality.

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6 Ways to Improve Your Church Twitter Account

I recently spent some time randomly looking through Twitter accounts from churches of all sizes.  While some churches are rocking Twitter, others aren’t giving the best impression of who they are.  If you’re committed to being on the blue bird network, here are some areas for you to consider.

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Are Christianity and capitalism compatible? Three things to consider

The relationship between Christianity and capitalism is a perennial topic, one taken up recently by the New York Times’ Room for Debate feature. It’s important to distinguish between different economic forms, and labels like capitalism can sometimes obscure rather than clarify points of dispute. As the contributors to the Times’ debate illustrate, capitalism can mean anything from an emphasis on...

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How We Worship

In one of his books – a book about the mission of the church, no less – theologian John Piper begins with this arresting statement: “Mission isn't the highest priority of the church; worship is. Mission exists because worship doesn't.” The most important thing Christians do isn't what they do for...

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What’s Eating Grandpa Anole? (Part 1)

Grandpa is acting really strange. When Lucille sees him one day he's really crabby, the next day he's nice. It turns out that Grandpa has a twin brother, Johnny.

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While it may seem exciting to think of God crafting an eternal story for our lives, the fact is that sometimes we don’t want someone else writing our stories—even God. It can feel a little invasive when God intervenes in personal plans and choices that we want to handle ourselves. We begin to bristle as his story-writing starts to cramp our style.

To be sure, it’s a little tricky to rebel against God’s leading. But sometimes God’s people do that. Think of Jonah heading off for Tarshish instead of following God’s call to Nineveh (Jonah 1). Or...

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The Consistency of Revolutionary Parenting

Times change. Trends change. Technologies change. What can we expect to stay the same? In the midst of change, our children need a faith that withstands the test of time. Our goal as parents is to raise children who become firmly rooted in faith as adults. So, we have been given the task of imparting a view of the world not only in our words but also in our deeds. We demonstrate for our children...

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The Internet and Social Change in Indonesia

Do you think social media can change a country? Liz Waid and Ryan Geertsma look at the way Indonesians are influencing their government.

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Escape to the Lake 2014: Encountering God in Music Beyond All Expectations

05.15.2014 Escape to the Lake 2014: Encountering God in Music Beyond All Expectations

Dave Trout is excited. He’s thrilled. He’s humbled and thankful, too. Escape to the Lake 2014, July 2-5, 2014, the sophomore music festival getaway on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, is shaping up beyond all expectations. Brought by Under the Radar in partnership with Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences,...

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Family Fire Conference Heats Up Marriages in New Jersey

04.10.2014 Family Fire Conference Heats Up Marriages in New Jersey

Sussex, New Jersey is a hard-working community. Many farmers, tradesmen, and business owners usually see more than just a five-day work week! Yet they know marriage takes work too.

So Sussex Christian Reformed Church partnered with ReFrame Media’s Family Fire team, Steven and Deb Koster, to host...

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