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Meet Evan McMullin, the Candidate of Choice for Frustrated Christians

Earlier in October, with only a month left until the American presidential election, a

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A Harvest Accounting

Scripture Reading: Luke 20:9-19

At harvest time he sent a servant to the tenants so they would give him some of the fruit of the vineyard.
Luke 20:10

It was common in Jesus’ day for one person to own land farmed by another. This is still true today. Understandably, at harvest time, a payment for the use of the land is expected. But in Jesus’ story, the tenants refused to pay, and they violently attacked the landlord’s representatives—even killing his own son.

Jesus told this story as a warning for his opponents among the religious leaders. Just as past generations had ignored and mistreated God’s Word through the prophets, the religious leaders of his day were rejecting God’s own Son.

Jesus’ words are intended to draw our attention to the harvest day too. The Bible makes clear that what we have does not belong to us; we are stewards of all that God has made us to be and given us to use. Though we may not literally beat and kill prophetic figures, we too may tend to live as if God were not present with us each day. Jesus warns that eventually our harvest time will come, either through death or at Christ’s return. Then we will have to give an account of our relationship with him as stewards of his gifts.

Our lives are not our own; we belong to God, and we are called to live for God. What are you doing to deepen your relationship with the Son so that you are prepared at harvest time?

Lord, we often like to live in the here and now, without thinking about the harvest. But someday we will have to account for our lives. Prepare us now through Jesus, your Son. Amen.

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Lights. Camera. Reaction.

The greatest movie ever made! That’s Liz’s goal. Looks like it will be another disaster unless Lucille comes to the rescue. Check out this episode for the best action-adventure-romance-sci-fi-western ever made!

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Transitions + Thanks

Life is full of transitions. That’s what I told my friends at ReFrame Media as I began to let them know I’m leaving my role at Church Juice to pursue other opportunities while staying in the Chicago area. Nearly nine years ago, I came into this role in major, personal transition. I was newly married, living in a city I didn’t know while attempting to make a career pivot. While...

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Establishing Justice at Home

Do you struggle with managing discipline and order in your family? Discover some ways that your family can follow God's heart for justice starting at home.

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Justice and Righteousness

It seems that on earth, justice cannot keep up with evil and corruption. Yet in both the Old and New Testaments, the Bible makes it clear that God cares about justice and the social well-being of his people. The words of the prophets and of Jesus reveal to us that in God's eyes, justice is intricately connected with righteousness. Studying the relationship between justice and righteousness leads us to a better understanding of what this means for how we live faithfully as followers of Jesus Christ. 

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The Story of Ron: Becoming More Holy

10.24.2016 The Story of Ron: Becoming More Holy

In September 2016, our Today daily devotional ran a very unique series of devotions titled “Becoming More Holy: the Story of Ron,” written by Rev. Keith Mannes. While Today authors typically develop a theme throughout the month—such as the names of God, the harvest, or gratitude, to name a...

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The Power of Forgiveness

09.26.2016 The Power of Forgiveness

At some point in your life, you’ve had to forgive someone. A negligent barb hit its mark and replays, ad nauseum, in your mind. Perhaps you’ve suffered a deeper wound caused by someone’s abuse, abandonment, or assault. The ache of such an injury can linger for years, even a lifetime. Actually...

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