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Does The Good Place Have Room for Grace?

Whatever the afterlife turns out to look like, The Good Place suggests there will probably

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The Fruit of Repentance

Scripture Reading: Matthew 3:1-12

Every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.
Matthew 3:10

The image of someone being cut down and thrown into the fire can sound harsh and brutal, especially in our Western culture today. We are not used to hearing a tongue-lashing such as John the Baptist spoke here, at least not in a public forum.

Yet any farmer knows that untended weeds can choke out a crop. Over the course of the growing season, weeds must be controlled relentlessly through cultivating, or perhaps with weed­killer—and sometimes they must be pulled by hand.

The call to repentance and change forms an essential part of the gospel message. Just as a conscientious farmer does not simply rest after planting good seed, so also a heart transformed by God’s grace is always on the lookout for sin. The religious leaders of John’s day did not practice such sin control but thought they could rest in their own goodness. But they were not producing good fruit, so John called them to repentance.

As we repent and seek relief from the weeds in our souls, God’s Spirit gives new and surprising fruit. This is in line with John’s command to “produce fruit in keeping with repentance.”

Hard words are necessary sometimes to point us to the forgiving grace of Jesus, which keeps our soul’s weeds in check and allows new fruit to grow.

I know, Lord, that there are weeds in my soul. Help me to repent, and send your Spirit into my heart, that my life may yield a rich harvest for you. Amen.

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PAT Answers

Chamy unveils her latest invention. Introducing the Positronic Affirmation Transmitter! Will it solve Chamy’s latest problem? And how exactly does it mess up Liz’s batting practice?

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Transitions + Thanks

Life is full of transitions. That’s what I told my friends at ReFrame Media as I began to let them know I’m leaving my role at Church Juice to pursue other opportunities while staying in the Chicago area. Nearly nine years ago, I came into this role in major, personal transition. I was newly married, living in a city I didn’t know while attempting to make a career pivot. While...

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Establishing Justice at Home

Do you struggle with managing discipline and order in your family? Discover some ways that your family can follow God's heart for justice starting at home.

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Justice and Righteousness

It seems that on earth, justice cannot keep up with evil and corruption. Yet in both the Old and New Testaments, the Bible makes it clear that God cares about justice and the social well-being of his people. The words of the prophets and of Jesus reveal to us that in God's eyes, justice is intricately connected with righteousness. Studying the relationship between justice and righteousness leads us to a better understanding of what this means for how we live faithfully as followers of Jesus Christ. 

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The Power of Forgiveness

09.26.2016 The Power of Forgiveness

At some point in your life, you’ve had to forgive someone. A negligent barb hit its mark and replays, ad nauseum, in your mind. Perhaps you’ve suffered a deeper wound caused by someone’s abuse, abandonment, or assault. The ache of such an injury can linger for years, even a lifetime. Actually...

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Transitions at Church Juice

09.15.2016 Transitions at Church Juice

Someone once said, “Change is like a freight train; you can either jump on or get hit.” One big change is rolling through ReFrame Media. Church Juice founder and project lead, Jerod Clark, has transitioned away to a senior communications role at another non-profit organization. We miss him...

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