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Restorative discipline: a gracious alternative to zero tolerance

The problem of school violence, truancy and student drug abuse needs to be addressed. No

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In worship services around the world, Christians have often sung these words: “Because he lives, I can face tomorrow; because he lives, all fear is gone; because I know he holds the future, and life is worth the living just because he lives.” In today’s verse the apostle Paul expresses the same thought: Because of Jesus’ resurrection we have every reason to live life to the fullest.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Sometimes we wonder about the truth. Sometimes we doubt. So many things in life can shake us up, and sometimes our...

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Why Images Matter

Almost every piece of advice I give in communications will include the idea that you need to use more images to be an optimal storyteller. In fact, I mention it so much, you might be tired of reading about it. But it’s an area where so many churches still struggle today. Whether it’s online or in...


Chamy and the Professor

Chamy is very excited to go to science camp and she is chosen to work with Dr. Fitzsimmons. But disaster threatens when her friends visit and Spike interferes with the professor's research.

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He Remains Faithful

Do you need encouragement to endure in your faith? Are you discouraged and feel like maybe God abandoned you and you're wondering why? Paul says "Remember, he remains faithful." Join this Groundwork discussion as we explore this faithful saying and discover how it reminds us of our baptism, being...

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Bullying: A Christian Perspective and Response

For good reason, much is being written and talked about regarding bullying. As we begin a new academic year, we again face this pervasive, progressive, and insidious problem. Whether bullying occurs in the school setting, the home, or the “streets”, I think we can agree the problem needs to be recognized and confronted as serious enough to require  a vigilant, corporate, and sustained response on...

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The Kids Corner Writer’s Summit: God’s Big Picture, the Power of Story, and Fun

06.09.2015 The Kids Corner Writer’s Summit: God’s Big Picture, the Power of Story, and Fun

When you write a script for Kids Corner not only must you develop a substantive, biblically-based message that shows kids their part in God’s Big Picture, you’ve got to wrap that message up in story that's clever, entertaining, compelling, humorous, and above all else, fun. That requires a great...

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Celebrating a New Website for the Today Daily Devotional!

05.27.2015 Celebrating a New Website for the Today Daily Devotional!

In January 2015 we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Today Daily Devotional.

In May 2015 the celebration continues with a brand new website! “Our mission,” says Steven Koster, Director of ReFrame Media and executive editor for Today, “is for media users to see their lives reframed in the...

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