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In the best possible way, Christianity is a lot like a virus. It has been spreading for over 2,000 years. But today, the version we're spreading looks a lot more like a vaccine, and that's a huge problem.

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Brady Toops Interview - Episode #275

Singer-songwriter Brady Toops joins us in our studio to talk about his music; you'll also be introduced to some of his songs as well as hear tracks by Judah & the Lion, More Than Rubies, Leigh Nash and more.

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Twitter’s New Design and Features

Twitter is changing.  The blue bird is rolling out a new design and new features that actually look similar to Facebook’s Timeline.  While you may not have the new style yet, here is a look at what’s going to be different.

New header image.  The old header and background images will be gone, to...


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Jesus Comes to Jerusalem

In this Groundwork series, we started to follow Jesus on his way to Jerusalem back near the end of Luke 9. Now the day has come: Jesus arrives at the sacred city and famously rides a donkey’s colt into Jerusalem to begin what would become the week of his crucifixion. Many Christians know the day we...

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Risen Indeed

Jesus died to pay for our sins, but why is his resurrection from the dead so important? You’re invited to experience how our Savior conquered sin, death, and Satan for us all on this week’s Kids Corner.

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In the three-act play Our Town by Thornton Wilder, the audi-ence senses through the narrator that there is more going on than meets the eye. There’s more than a simple story being presented. In other words, the drama is taking place within the bigger drama of real life.

What happens to Jesus in our story today is dramatic. Jesus has already been betrayed, arrested, questioned, and assaulted. He is sent to stand trial before Pilate, the Roman governor, who also questions Jesus. Now, Pilate can’t quite figure out why this non-threatening figure...

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Teaching our Children How to Respond to the Voice of God

How can we help our children hear and respond to the voice of God? How do we give them ears to hear? We pray our kids will recognize God’s loving voice and obediently follow his leading in their lives, but it probably starts with us and our voice. Chip Ingram says in his book Effective Parenting, “Whatever attitude children have toward your voice, that’s probably how they will respond to God’s...

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The Easter Story, Part 2

Easter is the most important Christian holiday. But why? Today, Spotlight finishes the story behind this holiday.

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A New Leader with a New Career at Kids Corner

01.31.2014 A New Leader with a New Career at Kids Corner

Ron VandenBurg has some big shoes to fill, but he says he has the feet (figuratively speaking) to fill them.

Ron joined the ReFrame Media team just after the New Year as Senior Producer of Children’s Ministry, taking over the reins of Kids Corner.

For those who aren’t familiar with Kids Corner,...

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From Couch Potato to Spotlight English Language Club Missionary

09.19.2013 From Couch Potato to Spotlight English Language Club Missionary

Have you ever felt called to missions, but circumstances don’t allow you to travel overseas? Now anyone with Internet connection can reach out and share Christ’s love through Spotlight English Clubs (SEC) on Skype!

SEC volunteer coordinator, Jan, launched the Skype club concept in March 2012, and...

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