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Why I’ll miss the religious mockery of The Colbert Report

Nobody likes to be the butt of a joke. On the school yard, at the family dinner table - we like it when people laugh with us, not at us. Above all, we don’t like it when people make sport of what we hold dear. Like our faith.

Christians complain about unfair portrayals of “people of faith” in Hollywood. We’ve come to expect ridicule from atheist comedians like Bill Maher or Ricky Gervais. But...

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God’s plans and purposes can seem so big that we might wonder if he has time for the “smaller” concerns that so often afflict our lives.

When Simeon met Jesus in the temple, his concerns seemed global. He longed for the consolation of Israel. He rejoiced in seeing salvation. He even spoke in a way that foreshadowed Christ’s mission to suffer for lost sinners. Simeon was focused on the big picture.

God rules the heavens and the earth. We might not understand the geopolitical implications of our nation’s economic policies, but God does. We may be...

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Personal Church Communication

In the middle of a pile of junk mail, a hand addressed envelope appeared in my mailbox at home a few weeks ago. It was from Willow Creek DuPage – a satellite location of the mega church based in South Barrington, Illinois.

In the envelope was a simple card with a hand-written note from the campus...


The Knights Before Christmas

Are we really supposed to help everyone? Even if they are not Christians? Check out who deserves our help on this week’s Kids Corner.

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Jesus Our Light

Somebody once said that the one thing all religions have in common is they all use candles.  We don't know if that's true or not, but the idea suggests how important light is to us as a symbol. John's gospel begins with a profound theological statement about the nature and incarnation of the divine...

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Simple Ideas for a Faith Focused Christmas

In the midst of making the holidays special for our families, we often get so busy and distracted that we can forget the reason for our preparations.

Keeping Jesus at the center of it all doesn’t cost anything, and furthermore promises to keep our hearts prepared for the coming King. Jesus is the reason for the season. Let us focus our time and energy in a way that reflects our love for the...

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Celebrating the Ministry of Radio Broadcasting

12.12.2014 Celebrating the Ministry of Radio Broadcasting

As Back to God Ministries International celebrates 75 years of telling God’s story this December, we remember the radio stations that have partnered with us over the decades to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

One of those partners is also celebrating a significant anniversary: This month,...

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A Spanish Version of Kids Corner Debuts!

11.21.2014 A Spanish Version of Kids Corner Debuts!

The Spanish team at Back to God Ministries International has been hard at work creating a new program for children in Latin America.

Las Aventuras de Elisardo (Elisardo’s Adventures) is based on the successful English Kids Corner, an audio program produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach...

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