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A Christian Vote for Gary Johnson in 2016

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series offering endorsements for the four

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Mission Challenge

Scripture Reading: John 17:11-19

As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.
John 17:18

Jesus prays to the Father, “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.” We are sent into the world as ambassadors for God’s kingdom. And just as Jesus came to live among us as a human being and to share God’s love, so we are called to come alongside people in their settings and share Christ’s love and good news with them.

In our going “into the world”—whether it’s in our own community, far away, or somewhere in between—we go in the power of God’s name, by which Jesus prays we will be kept safe.

This mission brings restoration to people who are broken, healing to those who are sick, and hope to those without hope. Jesus’ followers help to educate children and adults so that they can be equipped to serve and share Jesus everywhere in this world.

Over the centuries, so many ambassadors of Christ have blessed the world. Christians have shown God’s love by caring for the poor and by advocating for the oppressed. Preachers and translators have helped to bring God’s Word to millions in hundreds of languages. Christian development organizations have helped people work together to grow crops, improve health conditions, and recover from disasters. God’s love has shone in many other ways as well.

Is God’s love showing through you, where you are, today?

Father, thank you for Jesus and his love. May your love flow through us to accomplish your purposes in this world. Amen.

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An Exceptional Experiment

Chamy chooses to study Liz to discover how to live the Christian life. Can Liz show Chamy how to live out the Bible in all he does?

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Transitions + Thanks

Life is full of transitions. That’s what I told my friends at ReFrame Media as I began to let them know I’m leaving my role at Church Juice to pursue other opportunities while staying in the Chicago area. Nearly nine years ago, I came into this role in major, personal transition. I was newly married, living in a city I didn’t know while attempting to make a career pivot. While...

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Letting Go of Adult Kids

Struggling to let your young adult children leave the nest? Consider this wisdom from God's Word to bless your children towards stepping into God's kingdom mission.

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Seeking Answers in Scripture

How do I choose a Bible translation? Was that experience a manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Christians at all stages in their faith journey have questions. Some questions are practical in nature, while others are more deep and theological. Together, let's turn to scripture for answers to these questions and as we increase our knowledge, we'll also strengthen our faith and deepen our relationship with God. 

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No Such Thing as Secular

03.23.2016 No Such Thing as Secular

Doug Vande Griend of Salem, OR became a follower of Think Christian because of the ministry’s tagline, “no such thing as secular.”

“I’ve believed that all my adult life,” says the 61-year-old lawyer. “In fact, back in 1979, I submitted my third year thesis for law school based on the idea...

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Focusing on Young Moms

03.15.2016 Focusing on Young Moms

In business, know your customer is one of those elementary imperatives that make the difference between success and failure. To succeed, you’ve got to know what people need and offer a solution to one of their problems. The same is true in Christian media ministry. Know your media user. “What...

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