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My wife, Pam, has an incredible gift of hospitality.

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Waterdeep Interview - Episode #209

Listen in as Don & Lori Chaffer, a.k.a Waterdeep, join Dave in UTR's studio! Also hear tracks by Fernando Ortega, Needtobreathe, The Farewell Drifters and more.

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New Church Juice Website

It looks a little different around here. 

After four years of using our old design, we’re happy to share the latest version of Church Juice with you.  Our overall goal was to keep the site simple while working to improve navigation and overall organization.

Since Church Juice has always been...


The Empathy Exams’ call for courage

Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams is a tightly woven examination of a human expression that, according to Jamison, is more posture than emotion, more a way of being in the world than a way of feeling. And the way that Jamison's essays engage empathy - as pained observer, as awkward tourist and as someone seeking a sincere way of being in the world herself - prompts her readers to explore the...

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According to both the Bible and universal Christian tradition, pride is the first sin, the chief sin, and the root of most other sins. Ironically though, many people today think of it as more of a virtue than a sin. Shouldn't I take pride in myself? Don't I need a healthy self-esteem? Let's dig...

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What’s Eating Grandpa Anole? (Part 2)

Grandpa tells the kids a story from his childhood to explain why Johnny is such an unhappy old lizard.

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Sometimes I find myself wanting to peek ahead to find out how a book or movie is going to turn out. I may look again at the back cover of a book or check out a movie on the Internet to find out more. Sometimes it feels better if I know what’s coming next.

I often want that in my own life story as well. When I face uncertainty or risk in my life, I want to look ahead to see what kinds of problems will develop. I figure I’ll enjoy today more if I know that tomorrow won’t be marred by a fresh wave of problems.

But God doesn’t usually offer...

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Cultivating an Adventurous Faith

Young people are looking to live for something worth dying for.  When we walk out our Christianity, we model a way of life to which they can aspire. 

However, familiarity can breed contempt.  What seems familiar to them may not seem exciting or worth their full attention.

How do we keep them on the course when they are restless for adventure?

Can we help them to see the Christian faith for the...

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Heartbeat: Music for Peace

Song writing with Heartbeat members

How do you get to know different people in your community? Robin Basselin and Ryan Geertsma look at a musical group bringing people together in Israel-Palestine.

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God, Christian Artists, Gourmet Music, and You: Recap of Escape to the Lake 2014

07.16.2014 God, Christian Artists, Gourmet Music, and You: Recap of Escape to the Lake 2014

I can honestly tell you that Escape to the Lake 2014 was THE top highlight of my professional career.  It was beautiful to see God at work through the artists, speakers, nature, and the incredible community that gathered for our 2nd annual gourmet music retreat.  We convened July 2-5 at the...

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Fifteen-Year-Old Kacie Completes Kids Corner Bible Study Correspondence Course

06.02.2014 Fifteen-Year-Old Kacie Completes Kids Corner Bible Study Correspondence Course

Fifteen-year-old Kacie grew up in a Christian family who loves to travel and experience different cultures. But it wasn’t until a year ago that she publicly committed her life to the Lord, and looked for ways to grow in faith. Kacie celebrated the one-year anniversary of her commitment to Christ...

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