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Radiohead and incomprehensible peace

I’ve long been an admirer of Radiohead’s dystopian, postmodern, synthetic

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The Catch of the Day

Scripture Reading: Luke 5:1-11

Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” So they . . . followed him.
Luke 5:10-11

Simon made his living by fishing. After a night of fishing, he pulled his boat to the shore and was washing his nets. Jesus was standing at the shore, and he claimed Simon’s boat to use as a pulpit for preaching. From this floating stage Jesus brought the word of God with authority and power.

Then Jesus told Simon to go into deep water and let down the nets. Simon protested that they had fished all night and caught nothing—but he would try it again. He likely didn’t think anything would happen, but he took a risk and obeyed Jesus, saying, “Because you say so, I will let down the nets.”

And before long, the nets were filled with fish. Simon had never seen anything like this before! Simon had heard Jesus’ words, but it was Jesus’ actions that “caught” him, despite his doubts.

Jesus knows we fail in the faith business all the time, and yet he doesn’t toss us out like yesterday’s fish. His words and actions come to assure and prove himself to all who have doubts.

Simon needed to hear the words of Jesus: “Don’t be afraid.”

We need to hear those words too. “Don’t be afraid”—because we often fail. “Don’t be afraid”—because our faith is not based on us, but on our Lord, who “catches” us. 

Dear Jesus, help me not to be afraid, even though my faith is riddled with doubts at times. Thank you for “catching” me, and for promising never to let me go. Amen.

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Reptarium Middle School is celebrating Smoke Free Lizard Week (SFL). But is the special speaker really smoke free? Find out on this week’s Kids Corner.

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Why Communications Plans Fail

It’s encouraging that more churches are thinking about communications.  There’s a realization that sharing information the way you’ve always done it isn’t going to keep working in today’s media rich culture.  But there’s still a gap between realizing your church needs a communications plan and putting together a system for making it work.  As I...

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How to Spring Clean as a Family

Does your home need some Spring cleaning? Learn what the Bible says about work and discover how your family can make Spring cleaning a fun family time.

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God's Intention for Our Work

Work, whether paid or unpaid, fills much of our time. Yet how many of us would say we're fulfilling God's calling on our lives through our work? What if it feels like a curse or a necessary evil? Is it work if we enjoy it? Studying the opening chapters of Genesis reveals the place work holds in God's original design, helps us understand the effects of sin on our work, and provides perspective for how we understand and perform our work to faithfully live into God's original intention for our work. 

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No Such Thing as Secular

03.23.2016 No Such Thing as Secular

Doug Vande Griend of Salem, OR became a follower of Think Christian because of the ministry’s tagline, “no such thing as secular.”

“I’ve believed that all my adult life,” says the 61-year-old lawyer. “In fact, back in 1979, I submitted my third year thesis for law school based on the idea...

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Focusing on Young Moms

03.15.2016 Focusing on Young Moms

In business, know your customer is one of those elementary imperatives that make the difference between success and failure. To succeed, you’ve got to know what people need and offer a solution to one of their problems. The same is true in Christian media ministry. Know your media user. “What...

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