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Jim Wallis on welcoming the stranger

Editor’s note: This is the sixth and final installment in A More Welcoming Way, a series of TC articles on the immigration experience, attempts at reform and the church’s role in the process.

For the past few years, Sojourners has been intimately involved in efforts to reform America’s broken immigration system. We took up this issue because we believe that our Christian faith compels us to...

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The Prince of Peace enters the “City of Peace” (“Jerusalem”) as the people cheer, “Hosanna!,” which means, “Save!” Do they know what’s happening? Probably not. “Hosanna!” will become “Crucify him!” by the end of the week. Perhaps their “Hosanna” needs a question mark.

The crowds took their salvation cry from Psalm 118:25-26. They wanted Jesus to overthrow the Romans and take back their capital city (see John 6:15; Acts 1:6). Had they forgotten his prophecy about going to Jerusalem to suffer and die for their salvation (Mark 8:31; 9:30-32;...

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6 Strategies for Great Leadership

If you’ve ever heard Bill Hybels speak about leadership, you know he is on the forefront of what it means to be a leader. As an attender of Willow Creek Community Church, I’m fortunate to hear Bill teach a lot. Recently, he shared six strategies good leaders use all based on the biblical story of...


The Big Story

Liz digs up a time capsule from the founders of Terrene. Everyone’s excited until a valuable item goes missing. Can Liz solve this mystery before Granny goes to jail?

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Suffering Servant

Even those of us most intent on the Messiah get wrapped up in his victorious nature and overlook those prophecies about the suffering servant Messiah.  Join us on Groundwork as we discuss Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 and how they impact our understanding of Jesus this Holy Week.

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Cultivating Empathy

Have you known someone who knows what you're feeling, just by looking at you? Some people may be naturally tuned to another's emotions, but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't develop our emotional radar. Empathy is a skill, one we can cultivate to become more compassionate in our relationships. Sympathy is simply feeling sorry for someone, or maybe happy for them.But empathy is a deeper...

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National Religious Broadcasters Honors Back to God Ministries Int’l for 75 Years of Media Ministry

03.06.2015 National Religious Broadcasters Honors Back to God Ministries Int’l for 75 Years of Media Ministry

We're proud to announce that the National Religious Broadcasters honored our parent ministry, Back to God Ministries International, at its annual convention with the NRB Milestone Award recognizing 75 Years of ministry proclaiming the gospel and strengthening the church. NRB presents awards to...

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Celebrating the Ministry of Radio Broadcasting

12.12.2014 Celebrating the Ministry of Radio Broadcasting

As Back to God Ministries International celebrates 75 years of telling God’s story this December, we remember the radio stations that have partnered with us over the decades to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

One of those partners is also celebrating a significant anniversary: This month,...

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