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    ReFrame Media

    People everywhere wonder where God is, and what difference Christ makes in real life. Maybe you're one of them. ReFrame Media reaches out in multiple channels to come alongside you and show you how God is already at work in your life. Whatever your age, wherever your are, we strive to reframe your view with God's perspective. Each program is designed to minister to a particular group and need, so that, whoever you might be, there is ministry available here for you and those you love. We have a 70 year history of media ministry and are just one of the language ministries developed by Back to God Ministries International. Our membership in ECFA demonstrates our commitment that your support will be used n a stewardly fashion. Help us show the world how God's story is already shaping each of us.

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Our programs

  • Kids Corner

    Kids Corner

    Children are growing up in a media driven world which is constantly changing. Your gifts to Kids Corner give us the resources to introduce kids to unchanging biblical truth and Christian values. Donor gifts will also facilitate new initiatives in programming and media that will reach media savvy kids more effectively.

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  • Think Christian

    Think Christian

    Your gifts to ThinkChristian enable us to enlist the most talented and experienced Christians in various fields to write about the intersection of their faith and the larger culture. New types of content will also be possible with additional funding, from custom illustrations to original audio and video features. Thanks for your part in improving the excellence of ThinkChristian.

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  • Groundwork


    Many preachers lecture, but few take the time to unpack God's word in dialogue. Your support helps us produce Bible teaching programs that explore God's word in community--on the air, on line, in conversation. Help us turn the soil of scripture as a foundation for your life!

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  • Today


    No one can live by bread alone. We need refreshment in God's' word. Help us offer seekers and disciples a chance to refresh, refocus and renew their faith each day. Your support helps cover the high cost of printing and mailing millions of daily devotionals each year. It also helps support our electronic distribution that reaches around the world. Help us help those who need renewal in God's word.

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  • FamilyFire


    No one has a perfect family. Everyone needs help and encouragement now and again, and some are in distress and despair. Your support for Family Fire helps our staff encourage families in their marriages, parenting, and ministry. Help us show the world how a God-glorifying family can be a light to a dark and cynical world.

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  • ChurchJuice


    When you give to Church Juice, you’re helping local congregations better reach their communities. We provide churches around the world with free, online resources and work with them one-on-one on all sorts of communications projects. Plus we take your gifts and give it back to churches through mini-grants. When you give to Church Juice, know that your gift has a major impact for churches who are improving their websites, creating communications strategies and looking at better ways to communicate God’s story to the people in their neighborhoods.

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